Biodynamic Skin Renovation System (F.I.T Peel)

What is Biodynamic Skin Renovation System (F.I.T Peel) ?

Biodynamic Skin Renovation System (F.I.T Peel), which includes growth factors and powerful antioxidants, was developed to treat various skin problems and enhance skin quality in all skin types. Scientifically developed formulations rejuvenate skin by catalyzing skin regeneration and stimulating natural collagen into action. With it’s innovative technology, Renovasy™ provides superior topical therapies compared to older generation products. (F.I.t Peel) is only supplied for professional usage. Due to the presence of acids in its formula, it is not supplied directly to end users.



Areas of Application of Biodynamic Skin Renovation System (bio-SRS)?

RENOVASY™ F.I.T Peel, is a personalized protocol system, prepared to solve user-specific skin problems. The Areas of Application of (F.I.T Peel);

biyodinamik-cilt-onarim-sistemi-ingHow is Biodynamic Skin Renovation System (F.I.T Peel) Applied?

RENOVASY™ F.I.T Peel is a protocol that is composed by the combination of 3 different synergistic components.

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These components are utilized to constitute a number of therapeutic protocols to address various skin problems.

While preparing a therapeutic protocol with F.I.T Peel, 3 components are mixed: Following the identification of the skin problem, the mixture is prepared by the combination of indication specified 1-3 ampoules of Active Element, Systemic Elements and BIOTECHNOLOGY base mask.This prepared system is fully specific to the user. The number of applications is decided by physicians according to the conditions of the patients. Repeated applications of RENOVASY™ (F.I.T Peel) is strongly recommended to maximize the long-term effects of the system.