The İnnovative Formula of Bioregen


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A solution that has opened up new horizons in Aesthetic Medicine.


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You can dazzle with 3-session care before your wedding

Red Carpet Care

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Do you want to regain your visible youth?

Salmon DNA Vaccine

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Do you want to say goodbye to your skin problems without breaking from social life?

Renovasy F.I.T Peel

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Vitamin C Power Touch that provides vitamin C with nano-capsulation technology

Vitamin C Power Touch

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Slow oscillation Nano Technology involving 20 core elements

Extreme Impact Cream

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products which are produced at the cutting edge

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Treatment Results

Click to see the treatment results of PI System presenting a superior approach in skin restoration through the combined protocol of Salmon DNA molecules and hyaluronic acid and of Renovasy offering a brand new and unprecedented technology to dermatology in topical applications.

Treatment Results

You Can Not Stop Time, But You Can Reverse It

Quality of skin deteriorates with time and effect of environmental factors. The collagen and elastin fibers shatter. The amount of body's own hyaluronic acid and function change. Skin gradually attains a matter and dryer texture. Its elasticity diminishes and it gets wrinkles and roughness. With its clinically proved protocol Salmon DNA Vaccine PI System, it reinforces the skin texture, tightens the skin and regulates the decreasing humidity balance.

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We do not have to show correct approaches to the skin not only for aesthetic but also for health. We also remain at your disposal in the field of dermatology and medical by the reliable brands produced in state-of-the-art technologies for your skin care and beauty.

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